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Adam & Sarah Nettesheim

So what is N Brain Studio?  Or rather WHO is N Brain Studio?  ...or is it "whom"?

Once upon a time, Adam and Sarah got married. Then they said “Hey!  Lets start our own company!”.  Thus, N Brain Studio was created 2009…  

Both Adam and Sarah Nettesheim have Bachelor of Arts degrees in Media Arts and Animation from The Art Institute of Colorado.  They love the creative process and how ideas can be brought to life through video, traditional/digital art and especially animation!

Adam did freelance wedding videos during high school while being a part of the first television broadcast at Thompson Valley High School.  He won 2nd and 3rd place Over All at the 2003 Silver Spoon Film Festival for his projects “Behind the Broadcast” and “The Music of Love”.  He spent the next 3 years at the Art Institute of Colorado .  In 2005 he worked with Sarah (they were ‘just friends’ at the time…) to create a 3D virtual walk-through of the new building project for The Church at Loveland .  After college he worked for 2 years at a local network affiliate television station where he moved from Camera Operator to Director.  He also functioned as a secondary editor and served as Production Manager for a time.  In 2007 he aired a self created 6 minute 3D animation, with the voice talent and creative input of his coworkers, over the global network that won 1st place in the “Battle of the Stations” competition. 

Sarah has been painting and drawing most of her life!  She has been commissioned to do art pieces for many people over the years. She attended and graduated from the Art Institute of Colorado , interned at Knott Laboratory, LLC., and did contract work for Systems Design International after graduation. She headed the visual team for the 3D virtual walk-through project for The Church at Loveland’s new building project, and has created many videos for training and safety purposes.

Both Adam and Sarah feel very blessed to be able to use their God-given talents in this way.

And can you believe it?  4 years later they still love working together!