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Check out our new Animation Demo Reel!
Check out our new Video Demo!

Welcome to N Brain Studio! Thanks for stopping by!

Here at N Brain Studio we cast a pretty wide net! What can we say? We love lots of different kinds of media! We love creating animated material but we also enjoy graphic design & illustration! And of course there’s the joy of grabbing our camera and lighting kit and getting out of the studio for a while to shoot video! We aren’t Pixar and we aren’t Disney, but what we are is a couple of passionate, creative, hardworking people who love to create great work and we think we have something to offer you!

Whether you need an animation for your website or a safety video for your company, an illustrator for your children’s book, a logo for your small business or even a unique art piece for your wall… whether it’s created with paint, pencils or pixels – let us show you what we have to offer!

We like to work with our clients individually to give them the best possible price for their product. We pride ourselves on our very reasonable prices but even if the price is a little out of your range we try to find things to trim and tweak so we can get you as close to your vision as we can within your budget!

If you’re ready to move forward or if you would just like to get more information please send us an email! We’d love to hear about you and your project, then we’ll get you a quote and start working hard to make all your dreams come true! …OK well maybe not ALL your dreams… all your MEDIA dreams anyway…

Grab your favorite mouse and feel free to click around! We hope to hear from you soon